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Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover


Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover"Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover" is a fun and interactive mobile game where you play as a talented stylist who has been tasked with giving the Ice Queen a complete mommy makeover. Your mission is to help the queen look her best and feel confident by selecting the right makeup, clothing, and accessories.

To play the game, you start by selecting the Ice Queen's makeup. You can choose from a wide range of options including lipsticks, blush, and eye shadow to create the perfect look. Then, you move on to selecting her outfit. The game offers a wide range of clothing options from elegant dresses to stylish casual wear. Once you've picked out the perfect outfit, you can accessorize with jewelry, hats, and handbags to complete the look.

As you progress through the game, you'll have the chance to unlock new clothing items, makeup options, and accessories. You can also customize the Ice Queen's hair and experiment with different styles and colors.

Overall, "Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover" is a fun and engaging game that allows you to unleash your creativity and show off your fashion skills. With its stunning graphics and easy-to-use interface, it's the perfect game for anyone who loves fashion and styling.


Game category: Makeover

Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover





Game Rating: 79%

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How to play this game:

1. Choose the baby's outfit: Start the game by choosing an outfit for the Ice Queen's baby. You can pick from various dresses, shoes, and accessories to dress up the little one.

2. Take care of the baby: After you've picked the outfit, it's time to take care of the baby. You'll need to give the baby a bath, clean its ears, and change its diaper. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete each task.

3. Style the Ice Queen's hair: Once the baby is taken care of, it's time to move on to the Ice Queen. Start by washing and blow-drying her hair. Then, use your styling tools to give her a new hairdo. You can cut, curl, and straighten her hair to your liking.

4. Apply makeup: After the hair is styled, it's time to apply makeup. You can choose from a variety of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes to create a unique look for the Ice Queen.

5. Choose the outfit: Finally, it's time to choose an outfit for the Ice Queen. You can pick from various dresses, shoes, and accessories to complete her look. Once you're done, take a picture of your creation and share it with your friends!

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