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Blonde Princess Magic Tailor


Blonde Princess Magic TailorBlonde Princess Magic Tailor is a fun and creative game for mobile devices that allows players to become a fashion designer and create their own unique clothing designs for the Blonde Princess. In the game, players must first choose the design they want to create and then use their creativity and sewing skills to bring their vision to life.

The game is divided into different levels, each with its own unique set of challenges and tasks. In the beginning, players will have access to only a limited set of tools and materials, but as they progress through the levels and complete various tasks, they will unlock new items and designs to work with.

To play, the player must first choose a design from a selection of pre-made sketches, or they can create their own design from scratch. They must then take the measurements of the Blonde Princess to ensure that the garment fits her perfectly. Once the design is finalized, the player can start cutting and sewing the fabric to create the dress or outfit.

The game features easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step tutorials that guide players through the process of creating the garment. Players must use their skills and creativity to choose the right fabric, thread, and accessories to create a beautiful and unique outfit.

In addition to designing outfits, players can also decorate their boutique, customize their sewing machine, and even participate in fashion shows to showcase their designs. With its fun and engaging gameplay, Blonde Princess Magic Tailor is a great game for anyone who loves fashion and design.


Game category: Dress_up

Blonde Princess Magic Tailor





Game Rating: 75%

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How to play this game:

1. Start the game by tapping on the app icon on your mobile device. Once the game loads, you will see the title screen with the "play" button. Tap on the "play" button to begin.

2. You will then be taken to the main game screen, where you will see a picture of the princess on the right side of the screen and a sewing machine on the left side. Tap on the "start" button to begin.

3. Choose a fabric for your dress by tapping on one of the fabric options displayed on the screen. You can also choose the color of the fabric by tapping on the color wheel.

4. Once you have chosen your fabric, use the scissors to cut the fabric to the desired shape. You can use the trace lines on the fabric as a guide.

5. After cutting the fabric, it's time to sew it together. Tap on the sewing machine and follow the prompts to sew the pieces together. You will need to press the correct buttons at the right time to sew the pieces together correctly.

6. Once you have sewn the pieces together, you can add decorations to the dress, such as lace, ribbons, or gems. Tap on the decoration options on the screen to choose which ones you want to add.

7. When you have finished decorating the dress, you can try it on the princess by tapping on the "dress up" button. You can also take a picture of the princess wearing the dress by tapping on the camera icon.

8. If you're not satisfied with your dress, you can always start over by tapping on the "reset" button.

9. When you're finished playing, tap on the "home" button to return to the main menu. From there, you can choose to play again or exit the game.

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